Raleigh, North Carolina, Attorney for Wrongful Death Actions

Wrongful death cases are heart-wrenching and emotionally challenging in every way, whether they involve an accidental death due to negligence or someone’s willful, illegal act. We empathize with the grief, anger and sense of injustice you may feel. Our professional commitment is to spend as much time as necessary meeting with you and your family, looking at all angles of your case and helping you obtain maximum compensation under the law.

Our ultimate goal is to help you recover financially and emotionally to the greatest possible extent. To meet free of charge and tell your story to proven, trustworthy attorney Richard S. (Rick) Hunter Jr., please contact us today.

Working with an experienced attorney is critical at a time when your family’s well-being and financial future are at stake. North Carolina has a specific, detailed wrongful death statute that we will show you and patiently explain as we carefully assess your case and help you form expectations. Depending on circumstances, the law may allow recovery for medical and funeral expenses, reasonably expected future earnings of the deceased, and your loss of companionship and guidance.

We Sue Drunk Drivers and Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Our personal injury and wrongful death experience includes major cases involving motor vehicle collisions and a full range of other accidents as well as professional negligence and intentional acts. Proven lawyer Richard S. Hunter and our dedicated staff will do whatever it takes to pursue justice and fair compensation in your valid wrongful death case, including:

  • Meeting with you and other concerned family members at times and in settings that work for you
  • Working with professional interpreters if you or anyone involved in the case communicates best in another language
  • Bringing in qualified experts to thoroughly evaluate and testify on technical, medical and specialized financial aspects of your case
  • Negotiating assertively and intelligently for you in the effort to obtain a sizeable settlement out of court, while always being ready to take your case to trial

We offer truly compassionate, quality legal representation to all kinds of people in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill "research triangle" and surrounding areas. Our sensitivity to real human concerns shines through as we deal with those who have lost a beloved family member in a fatal crash or other event caused by negligence. For trustworthy counsel in your potential wrongful death action, please contact us today.

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