Verdicts And Settlements

The Law Offices of Richard S. Hunter, Jr. has an extensive history of successful verdicts and settlements.

Breach of Trust

Rick Hunter recovered $2.5 million for a man whose business had been taken from him by an unscrupulous associate.

Motorcycle Accident

$1,000,000.00 recovery at mediation for a motorcycle driver who was hit when the driver of an automobile failed to yield right of way and turned left in front of plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered a severe, complex femur fracture. Liability and damages were contested until settlement was reached at mediation.

Boating Accident

$113,511.98 verdict in Federal Court, including costs and interest accrued, for a man whose back was injured in a boating accident.

Trailer Accident

$600,000.00 settlement during trial in Federal Court for a woman whose legs were injured by a trailer with defective safety chains and which was improperly attached to the towing vehicle.

Tractor Trailer Accident / Wrongful Death / Contributory Negligence Defense

$550,000.00 recovery at mediation on a wrongful death case. The claim of our client (the widow of decedent driver) was denied in Arkansas by the defendant truck driver’s insurance carrier. Defendants’ insurance representatives told plaintiff’s widow’s representative in Arkansas they would “not pay one penny on this case, because the wreck occurred in North Carolina, a contributory negligence state, and both drivers were equally at fault.” Rick Hunter retained an accident reconstruction engineer who found videotapes and black box data showing the defendant truck driver failed to slow for a busy intersection as 3 drivers turned left in front of him, then ran a red light at 55 miles per hour. Rick worked with his expert engineer, the local prosecutor, the Highway Patrol, and the defendant driver’s criminal defense attorney. The defendant truck driver pled guilty to running the red light, killing plaintiff’s husband and driving carelessly and recklessly. The accident reconstruction evidence and the guilty plea in criminal court led to a successful resolution of the case at mediation.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Commercial Truck Driver / Aggravation of Degenerative Disc Disease

$350,000.00 recovery at mediation for a man who sustained activation and aggravation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease and a concussion. A phantom vehicle cut off the defendant commercial truck driver, forcing him into the side of our client’s vehicle. Both liability and causation were hotly contested. Rick Hunter and his co-counsel obtained helpful statements from eyewitnesses of the wreck and a helpful statement from our client’s long time family doctor about how the wreck activated and aggravated the client’s long history of degenerative disc disease.

Tractor Trailer Accident

$425,000.00 settlement for the injured victim of a negligent commercial truck driver.

Tractor Trailer Accident

$350,000.00 settlement for the injured victim of a negligent commercial truck driver.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Fractured Ankle

$250,000.00 settlement for an 82 year old lady who sustained an ankle fracture/dislocation in a motor vehicle collision. $250,000.00 was combined liability and UIM insurance policy limits settlement. Medicare, Medicare Advantage (through BCBSNC), private insurance and medical provider liens were reduced and settled for $29,265.44.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Activation of Cervical Disc Disease

$185,000.00 recovery for Activation of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease. Case declined by high volume, TV advertising law firm; Client was a passenger in a motor vehicle collision; Insurance companies for both drivers denied liability; Lawsuit was filed, discovery conducted, causation contested by both insurance carriers; Case resolved at mediation.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Taxi Cab / Fractured Hand

Rick Hunter recovered $130,000.00 for client who was in a motor vehicle collision while riding in a taxi cab. He fractured his hand and suffered a 12% permanent disability to his hand.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Uninsured Motorist Claim

$100,000.00 policy limits Uninsured motorist settlement (UM) for a client who sustained post concussion symptoms after her car was rear ended by an uninsured driver. Insurance carrier’s pre-mediation offer was $15,000.

Premises Liability

$100,000.00 settlement for a client who fractured her hand when she fell in a “big box store.” The store did not follow its own safety protocols for the area around its bagged ice freezer.

This is a partial list and does not constitute a promise of any kind. Please remember that these cases and the results achieved were based on many factors and results vary from case to case, depending on the circumstances in each situation. The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicted upon an attorney's or a law firm's past results. Our past successes should not be construed as a representation that we will be successful with any particular case in the future, and not every case in which we have been involved has resulted in a favorable outcome.

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